Rowland Robins
Debut: Pilot
Type: Football Team
Head: N/A
Institution: P.H. Rowland High School
Status: Active

The Rowland Robins Football Team is the varsity football team at P.H. Rowland High School. Even though they share many members, the football players often harass and bully The Rowland Robinites members.

Season OneEdit

In Pilot, they are seen entering the school and stopped by American Literature teacher, Paul Manhattan. He tells one of the members, Will Edwards that he could be in one of his classes this year. Once he leaves, Will and Luke discuss how bad having this English class might be, and Will's implied girlfriend, Candy comes in the scene to flirt with Will. Once she leaves, the football players are cheering Will on, and Will and Luke share a high five.

Known/Current MembersEdit

Name Description
Luke Greyham Joins prior to Pilot
Will Edwards Joins prior to Pilot