P.H. Rowland High School
Type: Public School
Principal: Natasha Freeman
Location: Lansing, Michigan

P.H. Rowland High School is a fictional school and one of the main settings in the show Many Pages of White. The school is supposed to be located in the city of Lansing, Michigan, however no school in Lima is actually named P.H. Rowland.

The school mascot is the Robins, and the school colors are burgundy, white, and black.


The school has many classrooms, a faculty lounge, a choir room, and an auditorium. Sports facilities include a football field and track, a baseball field, a gymnasium, a swimming pool area, and a weight room.



Name Occupation
Natasha Freeman Principal

Paul Manhattan

American Literature teacher

Thomas Lee

Algebra teacher

Current Known StudentsEdit

Name Year of Graduation
Andy Sullivan Class of 2015
Beatrice O'Neal Class of 2014
Britt McCormick Class of 2014
Gaby Sanders Class of 2015
Gauri Newberry Class of 2015
Jade Chatham Class of 2015
Luke Greyham Class of 2014
Sarah McKinney Class of 2015
Trae Melvin Class of 2015
Will Edwards Class of 2014

Extracurricular ActivitiesEdit

The school's performing arts club is called the S.E.A. (Students Engaged in the Arts) Club. The group was originally created with the help of Gaby Sanders, Trae Melvin, and Sarah McKinney. A sub group known as the Rowland Robinites is a glee club that performs in show choir competitions.

The cheerleading squad are called the Rowland Robins, and are very successful, having won thirteen National championships in a row.

Name Current Leader/s Description
S.E.A. Club (Students Engaged in the Arts) N/A Performing/visual arts club
The Rowland Robinites N/A Sub group of the S.E.A. Club; glee club
Red Robins Coach: Ellen Savage
Captain(s): Jade Chatham
Cheerleading squad; Thirteen-time National championship winners; Jade Chatham and Gauri Newberry are a part of this team.
Football Team N/A
Quarterback: N/A
Football team; Luke Greyham and Will Edwards are members of the team.
National Honors Society N/A Community service club for those with excellent GPA's; Britt McCormick is a member of this club.


  • The full name of the school is Peyton Harvard Rowland High School. (Pilot)