Sarah McKinney
SarahMcKinney NinaDobrev MPOW
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Hair Color: Brunette
Birthday: April 20th, 1998
Address: Lansing, Michigan
Occupation(s): P.H. Rowland High School Student
Aliases: S&M (unknown best friend from old school)
Family & Friends
Family: Patricia McKinney (mother)
Michael McKinney (father, disowned)
Pet(s): None
Other Information
Interests: Art
Education: P.H. Rowland High School
Talent: Writing, drawing, singing
Vulnerabilities: Being called a failure
Strengths: Drawing
Writing stories
Weaknesses: Making friends
Series Information
First appearance: Pilot
Last appearance: N/A
Portrayer: Nina Dobrev
Layla Gleek (Sarah) (name used for character)

Sarah McKinney is a main character in the fan fiction series, Many Pages Of White. She is currently a sophomore at P.H. Rowland High School. Sarah originally lived on the west side of Chicago, Illinois with her mother and father before divorce issues and the neighborhood becoming more dangerous by the minute.

Sarah McKinney is portrayed by Nina Dobrev, and the character was inspired by a Glee Wiki user with the same name (Layla Gleek).

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Sarah is considered to be an introverted teenage girl, though she tries to reach out to other people in her community. She's been going through loneliness and abandonment since her father left the household.



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