Will Edwards
Billy Unger Photo
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Hair Color: Brunette
Birthday: February 3rd, 1997
Address: Lansing, Michigan
Occupation(s): P.H. Rowland High School Student
Aliases: Willie (Luke, Football Team)
Family & Friends
Relationships: Candy (implied girlfriend prior to Pilot)
Friends: Luke Greyham
P.H. Rowland Robins Football Team
Pet(s): Unknown goldfish (deceased)
Other Information
Education: P.H. Rowland High School
Talent: Athletics
Strengths: Football
Telling jokes
Series Information
First appearance: Pilot
Last appearance: N/A
Portrayer: Billy Unger
WillDaGleek (Will) (name used for character)

William "Will" Edwards is a main character in the fan fiction series, Many Pages Of White. He is currently a junior at P.H. Rowland High School.

Will Edwards is portrayed by Billy Unger, and the character was inspired by a Glee Wiki user with the same name (WillDaGleek).

Season OneEdit


Will enters the school with his friend, Luke Greyham, along with some members of the Robins Football Team. They run into American Literature teacher, Paul Manhattan, who mentions that Will could possibly have either his second-period class or his fifth-period class. Will is unimpressed with this, and believes he will have a bad English class, according to Luke. Will's summer fling, otherwise known as Candy, shows up and flirts with him, and Will's mood changes. He then notices some of the fliers Gaby Sanders hangs up, and believes that the S.E.A. club she's attempting to create won't work, balling up one of the fliers and throwing it at Gaby's forehead.


Will is majorly a playful, unintelligent football jock, according to many students and teachers at P.H. Rowland High School. He resembles an everyday football jock with a love interest and the lack of academic interest.



Will and Candy have been in an implied relationship, mentioned in Pilot, and they share a few flirtatious interactions with each other in the same episode.